Welcome to MISE

MISE is a national support and development group of Professionals who work with children who have visual impairment. We specialise in Mobility and Independence Education.  Members come from a variety of organisations with an array of different professional designations. They may be called Mobility Officers, O&M Instructors, Education, Children's or Paediatric Mobility Officers or Mobility and Independence Specialists from which the term MISE is coined.

MISE members have long strived to achieve full professional status and recognition for the importance of mobility and independence skills for visually impaired children and young people. Over the last few years members worked closely with the Mobility21 project to inform the formulation of National Quality Standards for the Delivery of Habilitation Training  (Mobility and Independent Living Skills)  for Children and Young People with  Visual Impairment

This website is designed to share information and working practices for people in this field. All information contained on this website is correct to our knowledge but in no way seeks to recommend links, courses or events. You are welcome to access the information on this site, however, please do not reproduce any of the photographs of our pupils.


To become a member of MISE, please download the application form located here, and return it to the address contained within.